Monday, September 02, 2002

My PDA, Sony CLIE NR70V, broke down on me today. The soft reset just keep looping when I press on it. So, finally, I have to do a hard reset and thereby erase all its content. Fortunately, the backup restore software works seamlessly when I sync up with my PC. Phew! That was close.

I was a previous owner of a Apple Newton MessagePad 130 (by the way still points back to the Apple Computer website). While the UI on Newton is still significantly better, I love the superfine hi-res screen and the built-in camera features on the NR70V. The camera comes in very handy especially when I want to take pictures of, say, several pieces of furnitures that I wanna buy for later comparison at home. The super fine and comparatively big screen can also be used as a photostand for the tons photos that I took with my digital camera. Without it, I probably would seldom print them out nor watch them on my PC.


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