Wednesday, August 28, 2002

The Octopus Card, a radio frequency activated smartcard, has been wildly adopted by the Hong Kong for electronic transactions. Pretty handy when you are taking a bus or the subway and find out that you haven't carried any changes. The standout point of this smart card is that its contactless. As far as its within the range of the card reader's radio frequency effective proximity, transaction can be done. So its not neccessary to reach for card from your wallet and inserting it to the reader at those charging stations. Adding an extra level of convenience to the "time-is-money" minded Hong Kongers.

What's also interesting is that the technology is actually developed by Sony. While its far less popular in Japan than in HK, they are applying the technology on electronic transactions through internet. Some of the Sony VAIO computers can be purchased with this card reader. And there are websites that support transactions thru this smartcard service called Edy.


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