Thursday, August 29, 2002

Finally catched the movie About a Boy. I have been holding off reading the novel, just hoping that I can get the story from the movie first. And it was a pretty good movie. People have been telling me that I have the "peter pan syndrome." There are several things that I can identify with the main character, Will (played by Hugh Grant). There are times that I think being a bachelor is hip and true to oneself. Maybe, my idea was re-inforced after seeing so much people got tight up by relationships and marriages. But then again, I guess I have been seeing just one side of the coin. As what the movie said, men strikes for meanings while spending their lives, rather than simply consuming time like expendable "units." The meanings often involves "endorsement" by other people...

For those who enjoy Nick Hornby's works, see also works from Tony Parsons like One for My Baby and Man and Boy. They are also good reads along similar line of thoughts.


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