Monday, October 20, 2003

The Cable HK company has been denying cable TV access from my apartment since the day I came back to HK from the U.S.. Here is my master plan to watch it despite the incompetence of the cable TV provider:

First, buy a TV capture card for my Dad's computer, then plug in the cable channel onto the TV-in plug. Set the PVR (personal video recorder) programe to record all the programs that I wanted from there. Open FTP server in my Dad's PC and download the video files straight from there. It may seems clumsy for the time, especially that I cannot change the channel show from the cable TV decoder. The next step may be a remote IR transmitter plug in the USB port and aiming to the cable box, which hooks up to some web application that I could remotely switch channel from a webpage! That's what I called web service...


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