Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Streaming live TV through Internet

There are more and more options available now for streaming live TV through internet. For me, my household has been using Sony's LocationFree, mainly because I wanna watch live Japan TV and this is a Japanese product (better supports?). Overall, I am a happy user, but the setup was somewhat painful for those without enough internet concepts. I encounter a router conflict when I first set it up and had to follow the instruction on the website to buy a supported router! My only other big complaint is that its quite difficult to record tv programme on the client side. I have to link up the video out of my display card to the video in of my video capture card, let LocationFree on in advance to prepare for the record.

Now, Slingbox is available in Japan and UK. This could be a better solution if I am doing it all over again.

Apparently, a company called NOVAC is also offering a product in Japan to stream live TV thru Skype with a USB TV tuner!


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