Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CNN: Why Hong Kong is one of the rudest places on planet a.k.a. 人人害我, 我害人人?

Shame on us! CNN is striking another blow to tarnish Hong Kong's image. While I am not completely agreeing with the report from reader's digest: Hong Kong rank no. 25 among 35 places researched while New York is no. 1 (notable except are cities in China and Japan), I do think we are quite rude many of the time (and of course that include the ex-partriots in HK also!). But, the circumstances is improved quite a bit compared to the 80's. Besides the crowdiness, I think its part of the HK culture for being competitive, arrogant, taking advantages etc. Also, I think the lack of polite wordings in Cantonese contributes some. I do think people use rude language much more fluently than polite wordings in here. People just feel too much trouble/ embarrased / cheesy to be too polite. Rudeness breed rudeness.


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