Monday, June 05, 2006

Ainori: Japanese Love Reality Show by Fuji TV

Thanks to my wife, I am recently hooked to the Japanese match making reality show "Ainori" (loosely translated to be "Love Bus").

The rules are simple:
A mini-bus travel around the world which takes 3 pairs of men and women who won't know each other. If a match making is done (a formal proposal by one party need to be made), the couple can come back to Japan together, otherwise, the one who proposed need to go back alone. New members will join in when old members leave.

I guess the funny thing is seeing how people acts on a foreign country fighting for love (vs time and other members), or misunderstanding others agenda... Well, I myself have been living in a very confined minority community in U.S. for many years. Definitely, see lots of shadows from my experience in this programme.

The recent episodes especially stirs up a bit of controversy. Maybe I will talk about that later.

Keywords: Reality Show, Love, Japanese TV, Culture


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